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Therapeutic Approach

The therapy I offer is an individualistic approach. I want to learn about you, what you have been through, and what is going on now to bring you here. We can explore together what will be helpful for you. We will create a treatment plan with goals that meet your needs and focus on want you want to gain from therapy.     

It takes a lot of courage to come to therapy, and I will be by your side. I think it is important for my clients to be aware that sometimes your symptoms may increase during therapy and this is a healthy part of the healing process because you are allowing yourself to feel. I believe in building on your grounding and coping skills during our assessment process, so you can feel ready to move forward, and experience a feeling of safety. We will see where you are and we can explore in order to find the best fit and therapy for you. Therapy is about learning and growing, if something does not feel right we will see what changes need to be made and what will be more helpful.  

We can look into how traumatic events have impacted your life and how you view yourself in this world. You may become more mindful and identify unhelpful thinking that may be holding you back and keeping you stuck. Self-compassion and being kind to yourself will enhance your inner being and you will learn to better understand how you set boundaries, your relationships with others, and why your behave the way you do. My hope is that you will learn to trust yourself, live with uncertainty when needed, lean into your fears and move towards your values. 

Therapeutic Approach: About Therapy
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