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In-Network Insurance

Before starting therapy with me, it will be important to check with your insurance carrier to confirm that I am an in-network provider with your coverage, and to be aware of any deductibles or co-payments you may be responsible for.  If you need support with this process, I can connect you with my virtual assistant company, Walker Collaborative Solutions, and they can assist you with any questions regarding insurance, billing and payments. 

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) Health Plans

Medicaid- Allegheny County


Blue Cross/ Blue Shield



United Healthcare

Insurance Accepted: Insurance

Self-Pay and Out-of- Network

Good Faith Estimate 

Clients using Self-Pay or Out-of- Network will be provided with a "Good Faith Estimate" estimating the costs of services for a 6-12 month period according to the "No Surprises Act" which is a federal law effective January 1,2022. This estimate will be provided prior to the start of services and upon request. This estimate is not a contract and the frequency of treatment will be assessed on a individual basis throughout the course of treatment and will consider several unpredictable factors.

Insurance Accepted: Insurance
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